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By Real Issues (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2016 at 10:29:58

Hardly a priority and given that it is neither a really heavily trafficked mall compared to the concrete nightmares in other parts of the city, who is going to pay for all these "improvements"? It would inevitably land on the small businesses who are already being pushed out and replaced by more and more corporate franchises losing the mall's appeal in favour of another generic franchise mall. In the end though it is the customers who pay as costs go up so prices go up. Is that fair. Jackson Square may not meet some hipster gentrified aesthetic but until real money regularly flows into it and real changes that benefit everyone, not just TO angsty developers, we have more pressing needs than how Jackson Square looks to some.You want to redesign something, go fix all these newer concrete outdoor call park malls and make them more friendly to all users.Whenever people try to "fix things" we inevitably end up with something worse. Don't like JS don't go there.Keep going to your concrete car malls.

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