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By RBoy (registered) | Posted May 09, 2016 at 15:56:22

I think this is a major over thinking of Jackson Square. Paint all the faded blue colors to black, including trim and sky walk. Match current city paint trends (They are already taking hold on James Street). I completely disagree with Ingrid Mayrhofer's ideas and think that they are stuck in the 1990's. Graffiti and self expression is a nice way of saying vandalism. On the James street side they could invest in wall Murals vs. Graffiti. It touches on Mayrhofer's point but also allows some type of committee or juried effort and links the James street Art Crawl and the wonderful things happening on James with Jackson square. Architect Rick Lintack really has it right. As unpopular as it is Hamilton needs to look at other cities such as Toronto to see what has worked and reproduce it. Otherwise we will continue to have fractured unpopular ideas put forth as the norm and not the exception and Hamilton will continue its journey of mis matched ideas that don't work together.

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