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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 18, 2016 at 13:04:00 in reply to Comment 118671

No Ottawa just has 2 transit service municipal tax levels for the transit levy on your tax bill, Urban/Suburban and Rural. If you live outside the Transit Envelope (transit service area) you pay rural rates. If you live inside the transit service area you pay the higher rate. What @Viv is probably thinking about is OC Transpo's route structure.

Buses that do serve rural areas are generally Express Routes (usually colored green on our older transit maps) that cost more to ride because of the distance involved. Then regular routes (black colored on the older maps) and peak hour only routes (colored red on our older maps). The rush hour only and regular routes for the most part service only inside the transit service area. The Express routes also only operate during peak periods.

Just to make things really complicated OC Transpo then went ahead and changed all the colors of the routes on the dam transit maps 2 years ago, after having the same system for 3 decades. This was done so you could not only differentiate the different types of routes but also to visually separate multiple routes travelled on the same street or corridor. They did this with different shades or other colors of a similar hue. It unfortunately made the maps more difficult to read.

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