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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 01, 2016 at 12:14:58

I'm really trying to give Brown an honest chance despite his history of pandering to the social conservatives - he really seems like he's trying to drag the OPCs back to the centre. But I'm seriously unimpressed with the way they handled the Wynne government's leaked idea about moving the province gradually over to green heating - whether the plan was good or not, their petitions on the subject blatantly misrepresented it.

And as for the urbanist angle, Skelly herself isn't a good representative for the brand either. During the last Ontario election, when asked what to do about the school closures, we had a hilariously bad set of options here in the West End:

  • Alex Johnstone, who was complicit in the school closure process as a board trustee

  • Ted McMeekin, of the party that initiated the school closure process

  • and Skelly, who had a great opportunity to set herself apart from the others... and she did, but recognizing how small towns and rural communities had distinct needs that should be respected on the school closure process.

Not one of them gave their voters in Ainsliewood who lost their school any sense that they gave a crap.

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