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By John Neary (registered) | Posted June 02, 2016 at 09:13:17 in reply to Comment 118966

Pxtl, I feel like I'm always going after you, but that's because I only tend to speak up when I disagree, even though that's rare.

I actually think the green energy file is a great opportunity for Brown to positively differentiate himself from Wynne. Rather than setting arbitrary targets in individual areas of the economy and throwing huge amounts of money at favored projects (geothermal heating, electric cars, etc.), he could propose a simple, transparent, equitable carbon tax (replacing some current forms of taxation, in order to be revenue neutral) and let people decide for themselves how to respond.

I'm appalled that someone is going to get a $15K rebate on an electric car when someone who doesn't drive a car at all gets nothing, and I'm appalled that homeowners are going to possibly get $30K for energy efficiency upgrades when people who don't own property, or just keep the heat on low, get nothing.

Brown has a real opportunity to speak out for better governance. I'm worried he'll blow it, though, by denying the magnitude of our environmental problems.

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