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By GWW (registered) | Posted June 08, 2016 at 17:29:35

I was under the impression that the charge that accompanied the water bill was for sanitary sewer management not stormwater management, as it is directly related to water consumption and a certain portion thereof ends up in the sanitary system. Areas like the Meadowlands in Ancaster where there is a Costco have a massive stormwater retention system put in place by the developer. A much bigger issue in the City of Hamilton, is in the old inner part of the City there are combined storm and sanitary systems which in a bad rain event lead to discharges right into Hamilton Harbour. Massive storage facilities have been built over the last twenty years costing probably over a $100,000,000 but the problem still isn't solved. This is paid for by all taxpayers, not just the inner City area where the problem originates from.

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