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By jason (registered) | Posted June 11, 2016 at 21:25:46 in reply to Comment 119256

you're exactly right, and most residents in Hamilton and virtually every single biz/community organization understands what the world-renowned experts on the topic have presented to us. The few councillors leading the charge against LRT don't want BRT either. They hate the idea that money is going to be spent on transit. It's for poor people who don't deserve to have a dime spent on them.
They are simply using 'BRT' as an attempt to kill the LRT project, and then it'll be easy to back out of the BRT idea once we 'find out' that there's no money on the table for it. Lords knows Hamilton city hall won't spend anything to build it.

It's also worth pointing out that expertise and degrees earned through formal education matter on such topics. None of our councillors have such credentials. Once was stocking video store shelves as a 'career' before politics. Another was playing minor hockey in Northern Ontario if I recall. Yet another has done little more than read teleprompters for decades.

None of those prior careers are bad whatsoever. But none of them lend an ounce of credibility on major civic planning projects. Councillor Ferguson has had a successful career in the construction industry, and oh guess what, despite being out in Ancaster he supports LRT and has for years. Education matters. My advice is to listen to those who have one.

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