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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 14, 2016 at 08:56:48 in reply to Comment 119286

Taxes overall in Hamilton are high, but the transit levy is only a small part of it. Improving the local economy and densifying to add more tax revenue per hectare is a big part of the rationale for LRT.

This will help keep a lid on residential taxes (or even lower them) and Ontario residents from outside Hamilton are covering over 95% of the cost to keep your taxes down.

That sounds like a pretty good deal!

You choose not to use the bus, which is perfectly within your right. But no one is stopping you from getting better value from your transit tax by actually using the system from time to time. And you might decide to use it if it were more convenient and comfortable (and attractive).

And would you really want to go to a system where there were no general taxes and only user fees so you would only pay for those services you actually want?

People with no children in school would pay no school taxes. Public schools would charge fees directly to parents.

People who don't drive would pay no taxes towards road construction and maintenance (they would only pay indirectly via increased prices for goods delivered by road or the cost would be built into transit fees charged to those who drive).

The cost of fire service would be charged to those who actually use the service (e.g. people whose houses burn).

People would pay private security services if they want police protection. How many times have you personally called the police?

It would be a very different society.

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