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By Martin Kent (anonymous) | Posted June 17, 2016 at 04:42:26

The problem is the legislature is in Toronto. Traffic laws are made by the city and the province and ignored in town. Why not talk about civic responsibilities and putting the capital in a law abiding city? Except Winnipeg, Toronto is the only major city to have a capital.
Law abiding conscientious streets are easy to achieve. On Father's day watch all the families breaking traffic laws together. By introducing a conscience these parents will break the cycle of the freewheeling family phenomenon. This is caused by the Vestibular Structure which also causes Velocitization.
What people call human nature is just pathetic behaviour. If you don't speed you will be introduced to domestic terrorists, known as aggressige tailgaters and then you will "Keep up with the traffic." Imagine if people in Toronto obeyed traffic laws and there was law abiding streets full of cheerfull Canadians! Sounds like a great 150th birthday party!

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