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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 18, 2016 at 09:36:03 in reply to Comment 119392

That's Bombardier's Issue not Grandlinq's issue. This has happened because we have never built a 100% low floor LRV's in North America! Only 70% low floor LRV's which have raised floors at the Trucks have been built in North America. 70% Low Floor LRV's are considerably easier to build, require much less quality control but not as fully accessible for passengers. Bombardier warned everyone that this might happen years ago and that it was better that they build these LRV's in their European LRV plants where they have been building 100% low floor LRV's and their components or 15 years on time and on budget. The vehicles would be sent to Canada in there individual completed sections and final assembly would take place at the actual transit's property own maintenance facility. But politicians wanted Canadian jobs at all costs, even when they were warned again about the very steep learning curve that Mexican workers at their parts plant and Canadians workers at the Thunder Bay assembly plant would have to under go. No one, especially our own politicians want to hear that our Bombardier factories and there workers were just not ready or trained for this yet! Everyone is still blaming Bombardier!

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