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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 05, 2016 at 14:14:53 in reply to Comment 119656

While this sounded like an idea on the surface, I don't think that would be a good real-world idea.

  • Your suggestion is still 300 meter from Grosvenor St. to the Delta entrance of Gage Park, as measured by Google Measure Distance.
  • Kenilworth and Ottawa are already 830 meters apart, centerline to centerline -- already the upper limit of station spacing recommendations.
  • Far-side platforms are planned at Ottawa St, to maximize LRT performance.

The far side platform technique needs to be done at both ends of traffic lights. It works like this: Transit priority green lights (becomes green via accelerated red and/or lengthened green, within the safety parameters allowed by countdown crosswalks) -- once it detects an approaching LRV leaving the previous stop. Crosswalks have time to finish countdowns before the LRV comes close. The light goes green, allowing the LRV to coast through without stopping to a platform on the opposite side, to pick up people. This way, there's no unpredictable stopping-length to screw around with transit priority signalling.

Also, two separate far-side platforms can use slightly less road width than a single platform serving both directions, reducing expropriation needs (even if it's just a meter of frontage). The far-side platforms can have a shelter wall & roof without needing poles in the middle or other edge of platform -- accessible to wheelchairs via ramps from the crosswalks while still being narrower than a bidirectional sheltered platform.

The whole Delta platform was entirely west of the Delta, due to the geography of the intersection, so far side platforms were never planned at Delta LRT station, in any current or previous 2011 LRT planning, as it is not feasible to do so due to layout. The west-ish positioning of all past plans of any Delta platforms, also provides a potential opportunity of minor station positioning adjustments.

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