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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 20, 2016 at 11:24:52 in reply to Comment 119728

Regardless of whether you are for LRT or against LRT, it is helpful not to spread misinformation.

(A) Uber is not accessed by a phone call but via an app on a phone.

(B) The bus rerouting study is not yet done. There are parallel bus routes such as Delaware/Maplewood that reaches Gage Park, and bus routes might be created (whether as replacement/reduced/rerouted/increased/etc, too early to say) to optimize for LRT connectvity. Even TTC run buses along some sections above their subways, in some parts of Toronto. Although bus route consolidation will occur, it's worth noting the following screen captures from City of Hamilton materials: (Source: City of Hamilton LRT FAQ, as of 7/20/2016)



(Source: PED16171, TPAP Update for upcoming 7/26/2016 LRT sub-commitee meeting)

Unlike ref_erendum premature claims's about HSR and Gage Park connectivity, it is too early to know what the new routings will be. Both consolidation and improved service levels are suggested, as seen in above. (Understandably, that will, however probably be hard to predict depending on elements such as area rating and/or increased overall transit funding, including fully funding the HSR 10-Year Rapid Ready plan, as well as also 2018 and 2022 elections)

As mentioned by City of Hamilton, these new HSR routings will be announced at future Public Information Consultation (PIC) sessions.

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