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By JasonL (registered) | Posted August 23, 2016 at 09:55:31 in reply to Comment 119814

FYI, Beaches grill is closing down permanently. They've stopped all drink sales and are closing for good at end of summer. The owners state that the Conservation Authority wants to use their building as a large bathroom/changeroom. It's really phenomenal to me to see the lack of business at our busy waterfront districts.

Perhaps the out of date planning in Hamilton plays a role?? My wife and I recently chatted about whether we'd ever see ourselves living near the lake when we're older. Our conclusion was that if it happens, it'll have to be downtown Burlington.

Everywhere along the lake in Hamilton is grossly unwalkable and with no business amenities. Currently we are seeing development of a massive parcel of land in Stoney Creek along the lake. No mixed use like downtown Burlington. Just stand-alone residential buildings which are all 50-70% shorter than previously planned after the usual Hamilton NIMBY routine from area residents. So we are now building the district with prime beautiful waterfront access with sufficiently low densities to ensure that business will never have any hope of surviving there, which means they will never come. A giant wasted opportunity in livability, business, tax generation, quality of waterfront life, tourism etc..... Other cities would kill for a prime piece of land on Lake Ontario that is empty and ready to be developed. We've got one, and are wasting it.

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