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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted August 29, 2016 at 21:58:40

What is interesting was that when Beckett Dr was closed the traffic didn't go to the 403. they went East & tried to use James Mountain Rd. This resulted in traffic backed up as far as Brantdale in the morning & afternoon. When they found they were backed up they tried to cut through our neighbourhood, which is truly residential with only 1 lane each way and parking. The result was cars backed up over 3 blocks because a left turn at Inverness West & Upper James is very difficult. It resulted in at least one accident at that corner. The only real solution is to improve HSR service on the Mountain & reduce the cars. For example the "A" line bus runs on a 30 minute schedule while the "B" line runs 10 minutes. Set the "A" line at 10 minutes and I think more people would use it. For example my daughter works in Toronto & uses GO transit, HSR worked in the morning but coming home she would wait 30 minutes as she could see all the Mountain Buses bunched together from the train and the next ones would be 30 minutes. She now drives to West Harbour as who wants to wait 30 minutes after a long commute? Stagger the buses or improve service after 6PM and she would gladly use the HSR.

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