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By JasonL (registered) | Posted September 09, 2016 at 14:07:40

well I guess we now know who one of the people driving 80-90km/hr was.

Great response by Farr, although what a complete waste of his time.

And re: The Spec, what on earth was that today? You can't round up today's paper and use them at your local bonfire fast enough. What an awful bunch of 'reporting' and fact-checking. They had a piece about Locke St which starts with whining and complaining about restaurants and the city not providing parking by a guy who gets crushed in every election in Ward 1. The restaurants are all booming and bringing people/biz to the street. And the city installed a huge parking lot over a year ago which sits mostly empty all day long.

Then, further complaints in the article about rents rising. Heaven forbid ONE street in Hamilton not remain economically depressed and dirt cheap forever. If these business owners are so in love with cheap, why aren't they on Kenilworth Ave??

Just a tire fire of a newspaper today

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