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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 10, 2016 at 11:38:47 in reply to Comment 119965

There is a very good chance Whitehead just made this up because he thinks it could happen, just like he has made up or deliberately got wrong many other 'facts' (e.g. number of cyclists, classification of the streets).

Three points.

  1. If this the weren't a parking protected lane the driver would have opened the door into the path of cyclists, with a very good chance of killing or maiming the cyclist especially if a car was travelling by at the same time. If this really happened it is an early demonstration of how these lanes have increased safety and protected cyclists from inattentive motorists.

  2. A motorist is responsible for checking and visually ensuring the path is clear and safe before opening the door. The fact motorists often forget to do this is one of the main motivations behind the parking protected design.

  3. The parking spots are wide enough that if the driver parked close to the inside line there should be plenty of space to open the door without coming into conflict with moving vehicles.

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