Comment 120033

By JasonL (registered) | Posted September 15, 2016 at 18:09:49 in reply to Comment 120031

yea I've often looked at the grand old homes there and thought "no chance I would live here with this awful highway running by". You regularly see cars on the sidewalk taking turns too fast. Heck, the city even installed knockdown sticks near the bend. The lanes are wide....I wish they would put bike lanes on the QSH from Fennell to Glenfern. It could be done asap simply by narrowing the car lanes and removing the centre painted off section.

Don't begin the left turn lane NB until the straight section of Queen, N of Glenfern.

Better yet, make it 1 lane each way right up to Stuart St and remove the left turn lane (or make it a short, typical left turn lane).

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