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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted September 22, 2016 at 19:00:19

I was really torn about going to the meeting last night. I ultimately ended up not going.

I wish I had, because...

  • I would not have tolerated 2 people paid by my taxes to interrupt the council meeting downtown to come and harass staff at a community event on the Mountain.

  • I would have asked Terry why he feels he needs to speak out "for his constituents" when I, too, am one of those constituents and am now fully in favour of LRT and the benefits it brings.

  • It's not appropriate for people who are there to learn more about LRT to be subjected to that, and they may not know either who the 2 people who walk in and start asking these "questions" and pushing their agenda are and/or think that this is acceptable from anyone

I'm glad I didn't, because...

  • I probably would've been escorted out

  • It could have undone a lot of progress made so far.

Was also really tempted to drive out of my way to the Dundas meeting tonight (I think my parents went to it...) and get an unbiased look at everything.

This has to stop. I have had it with the continual inappropriateness of the dynamic duo of Skelly and Whitehead.


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