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By Kevin (registered) | Posted September 27, 2016 at 20:38:43

Always great to from you, Ben. I feel your rage. Susan, who says ‘hi,’ and I lived in Japan for 27 months, way back, before marriage. We rode bikes everywhere and I was hit by a car five times. On my fourth occasion, a guy blew through a stop sign and sent us flying. He tried to drive away, but Susan’s bike was pinned, under his car. I kicked in his grill and a headlight, before he backed up and drove away. It felt good. It feels better not to get involved with idiots, however, and I’m a card-carrying tootler, now. The only reason we weren’t killed was because we were in residential neighbourhoods, with slow moving traffic. Slow. Slow. SLOW. We were not killed because everyone was forced to drive slowly. You should write more, Ben; you’re good and, more importantly, it’s good for you.

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