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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted October 14, 2016 at 08:22:33

Traffic models show that traffic congestion in this city will increase - with or without LRT.

Kevin's comment: Then those traffic models are inadequate. It is possible to permanently eliminate traffic congestion using the Dutch model as a benchmark. There are two basic components to this model. The first is making the downtown car-free. For a good example, see this video on Utrecht.

The second component is to have all other neighbourhoods, outside of the downtown, follow the Neighbourhood Strategy. What this means is that throughout the city, people walking, cycling or using public transit can travel straight from A to B. Anyone who wants to drive a car cannot do this. A car driver would have to drive out from their neighbourhood to Hamilton's surrounding ring road of the 403/Linc/Red Hill/QEW/Burlington Street. Then the car driver would drive around Hamilton until opposite his destination neighbourhood. Then the car driver would drive from the ring road into their destination neighbourhood. For a good example of this, please see this video on Groningen

The net effect of doing this is to ensure that the fastest, easiest and most convenient way of travelling from A to B in Hamilton for most trips will be by walking, cycling or public transit. Relatively few people will be driving cars.

Since walking, cycling and public transit are far, far more efficient uses of valuable road space, the Dutch strategy will effectively eliminate traffic congestion for the foreseeable future.

Any system of traffic modelling that does not include the Dutch model must be considered inadequate and incomplete.

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