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By vanilla0o (registered) | Posted October 26, 2016 at 13:00:57 in reply to Comment 120331

I do appreciate you coming on to share your thoughts :) However, I just have to point out a few things...

  • fair point, however, the city will have an increased number of businesses and residents to contribute to the tax base BECAUSE of the LRT. Yes, people do want to live in this community and with better access to transit it will only get better. The zoning around the LRT line will have density in mind and that increase will help bring many more tax payers (who are already here and more are coming!) that will put funds into the system for operations.

  • I will not avoid the construction zone downtown or in Westdale. The reason I live downtown is because I love it here. Gore park is a mess (I know, smaller scale, but still) and I'm still in and around the area the same as ever before #SoBiHamilton. Also, Dundurn station is right next to the Fortinos on King and Dundurn. Get a double stroller, throw your groceries in the bottom and hop on the LRT! Maybe Dad needs to get a grip and start helping with the family grocery shop and Mom can go without the kids (not meant as an insult, I just think that's insane to expect of a woman in a family with 2 adults...single moms already do this as one of the demographic groups who may actually not be able to afford a vehicle!).

  • Projects are always over budget, but the $1B is one hell of a start when Hamilton has been needing to develop higher order transit for years now. We don't want to be stuck like Toronto or Mississauga without a proper transit system and kicking ourselves because we had a chance, but didn't think it was worth $1B to get it rolling.

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