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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2016 at 06:35:15 in reply to Comment 120514

Thank you for posting this. I would love to hear from a progressive with an explanation for this. It seems like only yesterday I was watching G20 protestors rail against the evils of globalism. I admit, I was on the other side at the time. I delighted in watching Triumph The Insult Comic Dog tear into Occupy protestors. I turned my nose up at Occupy Mac. I used to troll Adbusters forums. But then I watched The Smartest Guys In The Room. I watched other progressive docs. I started reading Chris Hedges. A light switch went off in my head.

Corps *were* evil. Globalism *was* the enemy. We were shipping jobs overseas and it was hurting us. And the people in these poor countries weren't being helped by benevolent corps; they were being exploited. I got it. Hedges exposed neoliberals for being puppets of their corporate masters.

When I saw that Hillary was in the running I was actually afraid. Her speeches to Goldman Sachs. Her history of pay for play. Her penchant for secrecy. Hedges confirmed it. One of the most progressive minds in America told us what we all feared: Hillary is an insider. We can't let her win. But then Bernie lost in a rigged game. It was getting worse. What could we do?

And then Trump. Sure he was loud and an idiot but he was *not* a globalist. He wanted to turn the ship around and we all agreed the ship was heading for the rocks. Who cared about anything like his hair or orange skin? It was almost like the MSM were trying to tear him down. And we were all anti-MSM. Well I knew that America could survive the idiot but she couldn't survive the evil genius. He was the best of a bad lot.

Then Trump won. Now I'm told that being anti-globalism is actually racist and backward thinking. If you're not a globalist you're a Nationalist and literally Hitler. These are the same people who were kettled for protesting corps who were offshoring jobs.

I know why I changed *my* mind: progressives convinced me after years of getting the message out. So who convinced progressives that globalism is now their friend?

The bottom line is that yeah Trump is a big, loud, idiot and he takes a lot of missteps but he's not beholden to corps. He's not Hillary. He's not the Establishment. He's a loose cannon and that's exactly what we wanted. His heart is in the right place. He saves 1000 Carrier jobs and now we're being told that it isn't enough or that it's crony capitalism. Tell that to the people who get to keep their jobs. A thousand saved jobs is better than none. It's a start. It's something.

Where did all the progressives go? Why are they advocating for TPP and the EU now?


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