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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted December 12, 2016 at 13:01:35

Not being Americans ourselves I doubt any of us can really fully understand why Trump won but I think a lot of it has to do with why Obama won. Americans wanted 'Change'. Obama promised it but did he deliver? Apparently the economy is doing well - the US recently raised the overnight rate after nearly a decade of cuts. What else? Weed got legalized a bit here and there. The middle east remained SNAFU as usual.

It would appear that Americans want change they can actually feel and understand. They want it to be visceral and it seems they don't care who brings it. Only time will tell what kind of change Trump will bring. We've already heard that he would lose the GOP nomination and then we heard that he'd lose the general election by a landslide. Now we're hearing that his presidency will 'will explode into a full-blown kleptocracy'? I've also read a few prognostications that his presidency won't last a full term. Considering his political history so far I don't think anyone could be blamed for taking the wait-and-see approach on that.

It does concern me that he is racist but let's be honest - he's a run of the mill 70 year old white billionaire American racist. No one is surprised by his ignorance and I'm quite convinced he doesn't own a pair of jackboots. What I really wasn't comfortable with, again, were the progressives getting all church-lady on the fact that he's been married three times and has a wife 20 years his junior. How is that anyone's business but their own? I recall watching the election on the CBC and one commentator bleated on about how 'this is a man' who has children from three different wives and we want him as our president?! (She was American BTW). Imagine if Trump let an intern blow him in the Oval Office? I would LOVE to hear the doublespeak on that one!

As you mentioned in your response, Trump is not an idiot. I'm really not expecting him to shoot himself in the foot now that he's gotten this far. Anyway, wait and see...

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