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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2017 at 06:57:42

Kevin, how can you be contacted? The City is talking about taking out the King St. bike lanes to accommodate the LRT. The way Dreschel puts it, there is no other option, and it's hard to disagree. I ride to work every day from the Strathcona neighbourhood and I rely on that lane to get to Westdale. How else can I possibly get there? Even the Dundurn lanes are coming out. How do I possibly ride into Westdale without that lane? Longwood will also be inaccessible because of the trainyard. Am I supposed to accept that I can't ride west of Dundurn any longer? As you know, cycling is the most democratic, cheapest, least polluting form of transport there is and it's just not on to prevent me from riding and instead ask me to...what? Pay for the train so I can get from Dundurn to Longwood and Westdale and the waterfront? Kevin, I need to hear what you think about this plan.

tl;dr I can't get over the 403 without bike lanes. They're essential. Please help.

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