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By JasonL (registered) | Posted February 07, 2017 at 09:34:36

Well done Thomas. The visuals are great and this whole presentation is very well thought-out.

As another Strathcona resident one of my biggest concerns that so far hasn't been spoken of, is the walkability of any changes made to our streets. This is a very pedestrian oriented neighbourhood. We have a rather low rate of car ownership compared to most areas in the city.

The changes to Dundurn and York a few years ago were a fantastic step forward in slightly improving safety for the huge mix of folks who walk in this part of the city. I don't have any appetite in 2017 for York to go back to 5 WB lanes near Hess, or Dundurn to revert to 3 lanes.

I plan on pushing for Main St to be converted to 2-way instead of all this other stuff.

Many cities, recognizing that the future isn't in single occupant cars, are narrowing roads and flat out removing some in order to dramatically shift their transport options. I'd love to see Hamilton follow the lead of the most successful cities around the world and do the same.

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