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By Sara (registered) | Posted February 07, 2017 at 10:20:33

Thanks Thomas for this excellent post and drawings.

Here are some related ideas:

1) The "breaking" of the Head-Hunt-Napier routes because of LRT and heavier traffic on Dundurn - I'm not certain what you mean by that... But my guess is you mean that without a bike lane on Dundurn N it becomes unsafe for cyclists to cross Dundurn from Head to Hunt as the street are staggered. This is one of my biggest concerns with losing the Dundurn N bike lane. I wonder if we can convince the city to make Head, Hunt, Dundurn as one large signalised intersection area, activated by pedestrians or cyclists wanting to cross Dundurn. That way the Head-Hunt-Napier connection can be maintained and even safer than it currently is.

2) City is building in the next few months a path around Bascilica at 403 that would connect with current Kay Drage Park tunnel under 403. This will get some cyclist traffic, perhaps especially form cyclists who want to avoid King and 403. But it won't be a great commuter route as it is quite circuitous. I wonder though if there could be a longer term plan to propose to the city to build a bridge over or tunnel under the CP rail tracks that separate Kay Drage park from Strathcona (connecting perhaps at the end of Jones St or Lochearne). The multi-use trail would need to be matched with a connection between Macklin and Freeland Court in Westdale(perhaps a short set of stairs with a bike through). This would create a direct, safe, excellent connection between Strathcona and Westdale, and make the York bike route even more popular as it could become a main bike thru way from McMaster to Downtown. (One caveat is there may be some concerns that the elevation changes would make it not popular even though it would be direct.)

3) If you're interested in finding out more about the plans for the Tims/Shoppers land, here's one update - not sure what's happening at the OMB:

4) Just FYI, bike boxes are a bit more complex than what is shown in your sketch - they can't be placed in the direct path of a bike lane as bikes not using it (ie going straight, not turning) need to have a clear path without bikes waiting for the other light in their way. Any bike box needs to be set back from the bikelane between the bike lane and car stop line (or on streets with parking - set in line with the parking lane).

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