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By CVenni (registered) | Posted February 07, 2017 at 21:04:07

I gave up my car so you'd think the bus would be my 'go to'. But no. Allow me to count the reasons. 1) it's completely depressing, between the darkness from the window wraps to the endless public service announcements on lead pipes, teen pregnancy, etc. Nobody moves down and the driver never says anything. 2)there are no easily understandable maps or schedules or routes at the bus stops. Google is the most helpful and even it gets confused on how to get to Dundas downtown. 3) I can get to King & James but I can't easily get back to King & Wentworth by bus from James or take a bus east from the Farmers market...this makes the $3 investment that would serve me for an entire round trip not tremendously useful. 4) I have the option of SoBi for shorter trips, with a basket for groceries. For all the reasons I listed above plus the excercise is good for me :-)

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