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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 08, 2017 at 09:30:41 in reply to Comment 120719

All good points.

I was actually interviewed for the 2010 operational review and when asked if I had a simple suggestion to improve the rider experience I pointed to all the depressing "social problem" adverts and blocking of the windows with anti-graffitti film and exterior adverts.

Both factors really harm the rider experience: the window coverings make the bus dark and unwelcoming and stop one of the nice things about taking the bus compared with driving: looking at the view out the windows.

And these "public service" adverts don't even make the HSR any money ... apparently they donate the space.

And the depressing adverts dealing with diseases and social problems send a clear message that the bus is for poor people and those with addiction or mental health issues, or living in unsafe environments. The GO bus and TTC and other transit systems are not dominated by this depressing message! Even worse, the "happy" positive adverts are all on the outside of the bus. I've never seen a "pornography hurts", "addiction services" or "I'm drowning in my own lungs" advert on the outside.

I've also emailed Councillor Johnson about this to support his effort to get the coverings off the windows.

Any occasional rider would be immediately put off by stepping into a dark bus full of depressing ads.

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