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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted February 16, 2017 at 19:53:53

Regarding the Bay stop, I think this vote would have been different were it not the Chamber of Commerce leading the agitation in asking for it. It struck me as a spiteful vote, unexplained by most of the councillors voting against the proposal.

The Chamber, like the city's business community generally, has been very active in supporting the LRT project and pushing for its adoption and for maximum impact. I think there are a number of councillors who are very displeased with this; often cities' business communities are substantially split over transit developments, allowing voices to come to the fore in support, but the situation in Hamilton has become so bad that organizations like the Chamber have become leading voices urging its adoption.

So it wouldn't surprise me that the clique of anti-LRT councillors and their hangers-on turned out strong to vote the Chamber's specific request down. This is a middle finger at the city's business community from councillors who feel betrayed by a business community that they frankly don't understand or represent.

It's certainly notable that the only business voices in Hamilton to come out substantially against the project are retail storefront merchants along King Street...

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