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By Bryan (registered) | Posted February 17, 2017 at 16:16:39

For some actual data that is not speculation, I have been a transit rider in Hamilton since the mid 80's. For the majority of the last few years I have faithfully purchased 80$ per month of HSR tickets for work or various appointments. Since they raised the price to 3$ a ride, even tho it did not effect the overall price per 5 tickets by that much, I have stopped riding the bus all together, just because it rubbed me the wrong way. Now I walk everywhere, and get picked up for work or appts I cannot walk to. If I absolutely have to take the bus I schedule my roundtrip in the transfers timeframe, so I only pay one fare. This latest price increase has lowered their income off of me by roughly $960 per year. I certainly won't be riding the LSR at the increased cost either. (which I have read will be approx 5$)

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