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By Catherine (anonymous) | Posted September 26, 2007 at 21:34:00

When looking at successful areas in urban or small town neighborhoods, its always apparent that people want to go where there are quaint, architecturally interesting, historical, people friendly buildings. For example:Locke Street, Queen Street Toronto, Cambridge, Unionville, downtown Dundas, Elora, Paris On, etc. If you fix up the historical buildings, people will come. You cannot "create" this atmosphere. Hamilton downtown still has numerous wonderful buildings that can be restored and turned into an interesting people friendly setting. It saddens me to see such ignorance on the part of city counsellors. My husband and I restored a derelict 1840 brick cottage (It was updated with insul brick and then siding) and people constantly come by to comment how the house has beautified the corner. Sometimes they just come by to look. People like old buildings. Fix them and they will come.

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