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By kental (registered) | Posted April 03, 2017 at 21:44:01 in reply to Comment 121057

"Perhaps you don't care because you believe urban sprawl on to farm land is cool."

Well that escalated quickly.

If you own land near the LRT, you will be benefiting from a land value uplift. That's wealth into your pocket. That's why I strongly support it.

Personally, I don't expect that the LRT would be a money black hole, so I predict the tax increase on the zone will be negligible, if anything at all.

Maybe you disagree and think it will be a huge ongoing expense. And maybe you're right. And if you believe that, then you should be against the LRT.

But expecting somebody who lives in Waterdown to be interested in chipping in is kinda petty. They have no more interest in it than somebody in Burlington.

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