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By VivSaunders (registered) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 06:38:24

Just to piggy back on Kevlahan's excellent point, when it comes to transit all Hamilton residents, both urban and rural, pay for the capital costs of our HSR buses. The funding by the Province to pay for the capital costs of LRT is certainly a benefit for every Hamiltonian. Near as I can figure, that's 10 years of replacement buses we no longer have to purchase for the BLine.

When it comes to the operating costs of HSR city-wide, Ward 15 (parts of Waterdown only) pays 1.4%, Ward 15 west of Parkside Drive in Waterdown and Ward 14 pays zero, Wards 9,10&11 (Stoney Creek) pay 6.45%, Ward 12 pays 4.38%, Ward 13 pays 2.08% and Ward 11 (Glanbrook only) pays 2.32%. Wards 1 to 8 pay the balance of the 83.38% of our public transit operating costs.

We already have a "special tax zone" imo.

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