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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 09:26:00 in reply to Comment 121065

But the current property tax system already captures property value increases.

Not only that, but new development along the line would be a net addition to the City's total property tax (in the millions of dollars annually). There would be lots of money to put towards operations costs.

I don't have any problem with this extra tax revenue, or relative increases due to property value increases, being tied to operating costs. But I don't understand the need for an additional charge, especially as transit riders already pay a user fee (unlike drivers).

I also doubt that having residents near the line pay a special additional tax (in excess of increases due to new development and property value increases) would cause hard-line opponents to change their minds. (It also doesn't seem fair to hit the local residents with a special tax in addition to regular tax increases due to increased property value and area weighting for transit.)

Opponents would just shift to concerns about disruption to traffic during and after construction and a general complaint that it is "unfair" to spend this money in wards 1-4.

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