Comment 121069

By kental (registered) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 09:51:28 in reply to Comment 121068

But the current property tax system already captures property value increases.

This is true. If you look at it in a nominal sense though, a $10/year increase is a $10/year increase, whether it is from a valuation change or a mill rate change.

I think it is entirely possible to structure it so that the operating subsidy comes from the properties even without a special tax zone. It could just come from passive valuation changes.

But again, it helps to think of it in nominal terms. If the $10 increase happens passively, then that can be captured and applied to the LRT subsidy. And for the ratepayer 12 km away? It really doesn't affect him at all at that point, so he loses his right to complain.

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