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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 11:21:52 in reply to Comment 121067

To be truthful I don't feel qualified to make a decision one way or another on LRT. As we would say at work "This project is beyond my realm of expertise." Any councillor asking for a referendum is doing exactly that, while I feel I have kept up with the various arguments I am in no way an expert who should be making a decision on a $1 Billion project. With shamefully low voter turnout in Municipal elections, that is what you would be asked to do. In my opinion the "No-LRT" Councillors have failed to present an option and failed to tell their constituents what they would do instead (if anything). Instead they chose to simply oppose. ●If BRT is their option, would they acknowledge that to be true BRT it would need dedicated lanes? ●Why did they vote for LRT if they wanted BRT instead of LRT? Simply raise the arguments then they are using now. I am not buying for a minute they just found out now. ●If they support dedicated lanes for BRT, why did they vote against the bus lane experiment? ●Would they consider HOV lanes, like used in Toronto, where motorcycles and cars with more than 3 people share the lane with buses?

●If they support BLAST, which included exactly the A line route recently proposed, why do they oppose the A line now? ●What would the operating costs of BRT? ●It has been known for some time that the proposed route would end at the Queenston traffic Circle. Why did they not withdraw support as soon as this was announced? ● Would they support LRT if B-line were extended back to Eastgate (which was the original proposal they supported) and funded by eliminating A-line BRT?
● Given that nowhere in the world has privatization resulted in lower rates and that the overwhelming majority of the voters in Ontario are opposed to the privatization of Hydro One, if you oppose LRT would they favour using having the Wynne government using the $1 Billion to buy back Hydro One shares? Even in the best case scenario LRT would only benefit Hamilton, while restoring Public power would benefit every rate payer from Atikokan to Zurich. They could then fund the project with the up to $500 million revenue Hydro One pays the province every year.

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