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By KarlAndrus (registered) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 23:03:15

Well I did enjoy both visits to dive into the archives to review this history, I am shocked at how easily a major trans-formative project like this can be hijacked by those opposed to change. Hamilton stands on a razors edge of rebirth. Moving from our industrial roots into a more modern service and idea based economy. We have a chance to join cities like Waterloo in attracting world class employers, creating future proof jobs and new kinds of industry. The alternative is really to stay stuck in the past. Cling to the hope that classic heavy industry will return to the city and that climate change is actually a myth. To the idea that we can continue to keep tax increases low, not reinvest in the core infrastructure and just keep squeezing savings out of an already over burdened public sector. All while maintaining the same service levels. That is hardly an attitude that is forward looking or a model for growth.

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