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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 25, 2017 at 15:27:44

Between 2006-2010 Ottawa's City Council had 3 sets of multi-days long series of meetings, two for LRT and one for the Lansdowne Park/Stadium debate. The First final LRT meeting (cancelling the North-South LRT in 2006) was 4 days in a row and the second final LRT meeting was 3 days (approval of the new East-West LRT alignment that became the Confederation Line). The final Lansdowne Park debate was over 5 days, democracy did survive however, it was brutal for all involved. This is on top of many multiple committee meetings for both subjects that, were stormy, loud and long to say the least(even some of the committee meetings stretched over multiple days as well)! Democracy and the process did eventually make it through. Trying to avoid these types of marathon meetings and acrimonious circumstances did result in the current Mayor's policy of coming to him first, if you are councilor who has a big problem with an impending policy or program decision. Never have the harsh part of the debate in front of the press! This is for political appearances but also legal reasons as well.

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