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By kevinlove (registered) | Posted April 28, 2017 at 17:26:18

Great piece, Maureen! I heartily endorse this diagnosis of a profoundly disturbing trend in Hamilton's politics.

One comment:

On more than one occasion, Councillor Skelly has questioned the intent and integrity of Hamilton's civil service.

Most unfortunately, Councillor Skelly is not the only councillor to do that. A certain type of councillor has perceived that City staff make a great target because they cannot fight back. This type of councillor can hurl any number of slurs, aspersions and outright lies at any member of City staff knowing that their victim has to just take it. This is the behaviour of a bully: to pick on someone who cannot fight back. The unfortunate reality is that this bullying behaviour pays off in terms of publicity. And as long as this behaviour is rewarded, then it is safe to predict that it will continue.

The solution is to make sure that this behaviour is NOT rewarded. This is one of the great services provided by Raise the Hammer. Those who can testify to the truth have a venue to speak up on behalf of City staff who have been falsely maligned and slandered.

If we are going to build a thriving and prosperous city, we need to have a culture of truth. We need to speak the truth to each other, and not tolerate falsehoods and slander.

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