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By Dylan (registered) | Posted April 30, 2017 at 10:12:08 in reply to Comment 121423

It seems your major concern Is related to gentrification, rather than the LRT itself. It's a completely valid concern. Gentrification is already underway in the lower city, LRT or no. However, LRT will no doubt accelerate it, and that is in fact the a major goal of the project This will benefit more people than it will hurt, but make no mistake, some people, especially renters like yourself could be negatively affected. Rent will increase, as will the general cost of living downtown. You've probably already seen this happening over the last decade.

I don't think fighting the LRT project is the best avenue for you. I think the solution to mitigating the negative impact for people such as yourself is to lobbying for subsidized housing in the lower city, to help people from being priced out of their own neighbourhoods.

A lot of people here can and will argue against your points concerning the project. But I'll just say that as a transit user I think and hope that you enjoy the train when it's finally done. I take the bus daily and it's loud, crowded, smelly, and is slow loading/unloading passengers, especially those with mobility issues. LVRs are a much more pleasant ride for everyone.

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