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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted April 30, 2017 at 14:20:56 in reply to Comment 121434

Jim has been trolling RTH for quite some time now. Don't expect him to reply to you. He also has an uncanny ability to morph into a member of whatever segment of the population he thinks might have a problem with the coming LRT. He's gotten especially ornery since the vote on the 26th.

What he's been perpetrating is a kind of information terrorism. He'll write up a bunch of half truths and make unfounded claims supported with no evidence and then abandon it. What he hopes will happen is some poor unsuspecting soul will stumble upon his post and take what he has written as a valid argument. He won't attempt to defend his claims as he knows they are indefensible. His concern-troll arguments are the abandoned briefcase at the bus station.

Before last weeks critical vote I've made a point of countering each claim he's made in an attempt to protect people from thinking what he had to say was nothing but the truth. I'm done for now, the project is going ahead and it's time for everyone to get together and make this LRT the best it can be.

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