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By rgelder (registered) - website | Posted May 01, 2017 at 12:14:54

Well said, Councillor Green. However, we should not forget that we ought be embarrassed by the comments of Councillor Skelly, after Ken Seiling and his colleagues in KW were gracious enough to host our Mayor and Councillors more than once regarding light rail transit.

We should be looking at KW with a sense of envy in that their LRT will be up and running within a year. We should be looking up at to them to learn the lessons of their experiences as our own LRT moves forward.

Let's put all of these silly, schoolyard insults behind us and move forward in a spirit of inter-city cooperation and moving transit forward. Councillor Green made an excellent suggestion to begin that process by inviting Luisa D'Amito for a Tour of Ward 3.

Go Hamilton! Go Kitchener-Waterloo! Go LRT!

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