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By rednic (registered) | Posted May 01, 2017 at 21:58:50

I would suggest part of the tour include trying to get cash out of the bank, without paying a service charge. This is a very challenging project in Ward 3. Hints

BOM at Barton and Gage (BOM card holders only)

CIBC machine in variety store at Cannon and Stanford. (CIBC card holders only)

I guess some credit unions.

The real winners No frills on main will give cash back (all card holders )

Pioneer at King and Ashley gives cash back (all card holders)

I may have missed a few but not many. By forcing people to use private ATMs low income earners are paying 3 dollars per transaction.

Once that is accomplished goto the beer store in ward 3. (you can't)

OK LCBO ? (you can't)

OK something a little harder ? Methadone? multiple locations often located beside a pain clinic.

The reality is there is less retail than 8 years ago in the ward. This despite the fact the alderman calls it the hottest real estate market in Ontario. (no disagreement). Most new retail is doling out prescriptions.

Kudos to Vintage coffee on King east, they seem ready to revitalize a whole block at king and Barnsdale. Kudos to Cafe 541 they are providing real food to a neighbourhood that has none.

I'll say this ward 3 is not a launching pad for a life long political career but instead a place that needs to be fought for and loved. Wheres our delegated budgeting ? forgotten in the lust for influence? Held up by other councillors? (not)

oh .. live, work, play here leave maybe twice a week. Not a mountain troll.

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