Comment 121467

By bobby2 (registered) | Posted May 02, 2017 at 16:50:21 in reply to Comment 121443

Ryan, you never seem to fail being right on cue to demonize, allege troll, accuse Jim of being a total idiot because you choose to believe every promise of the great attributes of LRT without every questioning their reliability. You might educate yourself and broaden your current locked in views with the vast experience & professional journalism of Royson James of Toronto Star about how Toronto's experience shows the many benefits promised by binge spending on transit never materialize! He actually states many benefit claims by these professions are delusionary! But, don't let opposite opinions to your views & gullibility cloud your judgement that just maybe some of miracles of LRT you so vastly believe in, may be wrong? Ryan, I'm not saying you are totally wrong in your beliefs, just that you refuse to consider opposite views which may be both relevant & possible.

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