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By JPDanko (registered) - website | Posted May 05, 2017 at 00:11:28

I think a big part of the problem is newspapers following the online world and writing to their reader demographic instead of writing the news.

I get it - I write a weekly column on a photography website (with two or three times's monthly traffic by the way) - I write to my audience, and occasionally I write for clicks - but I'm not a journalist and I'm not writing the news. If you want to be an actual newspaper, there is a higher standard. It can be done - look at the New York Times and Washington Post in the age of Trump.

But as any web publisher will tell you - articles that get people angry generate much much much higher engagement than just the news - and if factual old fashioned reporting doesn't piss off enough people, it's pretty tempting to generate interest by throwing out an op-ed designed to generate anger.

Since I'm taking the time to vent my opinion - I guess that goal was achieved. Bravo Spectator...

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