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By (registered) | Posted May 07, 2017 at 20:32:44

I had this letter printed in the Spec last Friday May 5 to correct the erroneous and just plain silly objections to LRT from the author. My list of 36 reasons LRT isn't right for Hamilton (May 3)

Dear Letters Editor, I read this with fascination (and extra time). While there are a concerns that seem to have validity, many are silly and some just plain wrong (a new bridge will be required to cross the Red Hill Valley).

In the silly category, among many, I would say #1 is typical: 'LRT will cause huge disruption to traffic, businesses, people etc.' Now I ask the writer, honestly, when in the history of the planet has a project of this magnitude NOT caused disruption and congestion? It's akin to stating that things will get wet because it is raining.

The upshot is, as numerous (and dubious) as the reasons against LRT are, hundreds of other cities in the world have had these very same problems to face. And yet, somehow in the entire universe, Hamilton is somehow fundamentally different? Nonsense.

My question to the writer is: Are we a fearful and helpless people in the face of problems, or are we up to the challenge and competent enough to tackle them head on? I would hope that forward thinking individuals would prefer to be in the latter category in what we call 'The ambitious (not fearful) city.'

Grant Ranalli, Hamilton

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