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By (registered) | Posted May 07, 2017 at 20:44:47 in reply to Comment 121484

Dear Jim C, Economic uplift has occurred in the majority of cities that have installed LRT based on numerous case studies (Ryan can quote you many examples, and no, not one of the very few exceptions - Buffalo) so is it a fact? Maybe not. A very probable result of LRT? More than likely. If a youth 'at risk' with limited job skills manages to secure a decent paying job in the Operations, Maintenance & Storage Facility cleaning LRT cars at night, and gets off the street, has pride and dignity in holding down a job then yes I would say that is a 'life-changing opportunity'. By the way, some employers have hired Down Syndrome youth and they are some of the more remarkable and dedicated workers they have on staff (see Globe & Mail article on Joey Moss Apr 29 - a kid hired to clean the dressing room of the Edmonton Oilers and who was taken under Wayne Gretsky's wing years ago when he won Stanley Cups for them. Joey is still there an loved by all on the team and fans alike. He recently sung the national anthem). I would say that HIS life change for the better in immeasurable ways. So, what, exactly do you have to offer this demographic (besides criticism and cutting remarks). That won't put food on their table nor pay their rent. It is no joke but real life.

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