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By Missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted May 08, 2017 at 12:24:16

... Gosh, the passion in, and for, the City is so great ... Here's a wee suggestion.

People get tired of being 'beaten up' all the time. They get tired of being told they are WRONG, stupid, imbeciles, etc. They invariably react in anger, stick in their heels. They get super stubborn. Walls go flying up. Twitter accounts get 'blocked' etc. Everyone gets increasingly more 'testy'. It breeds such a negative and unproductive energy all round.

So, how about a re-calibration of sorts? Can we all start from the premise that both civil servants & elected politicians are there, primarily, to do their best - as they see fit?

You, they, we may not agree with them, there may be 100% legitimate beefs - but SOMETIMES it really helps EVERYONE get along if a 'kind' word can be spoken, if forgiveness can be practiced, from time to time. Remember, we're all only human: we stumble forward, getting it right sometimes, getting it wrong sometimes. We all evolve.

Giving praise periodically is GOOD. The on-going negativity and 'bashing' just breeds more of it. It really becomes a vicious circle that just gets more bitter and acrimonious as time goes on.

'Rome wasn't built in a day', as the old saying goes. We are also all creatures of habit. Transitioning and ANY change, by definition, will be disruptive and unsettling to some. It's never going to be 'easy' for everyone. That said, OF COURSE change can and will come in the evolution of the City.

Moving forward, everyone has to just 'chill out' a bit. Please.

Why not come CELEBRATE the City on June 11th at 'A Day on the Bridge'?

It's FREE for everyone until 5pm, followed by a GALA dinner to raise funds for the Cootes Eco-Park, a long term investment to create a better and more livable community for all. This event demonstrates truly progressive & forward-thinking positivity. Put down the hatchets for awhile and come ENJOY THE VIEW ...

Facebook event page: and GALA dinner tickets:

My two cents.

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