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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted May 15, 2017 at 19:09:19 in reply to Comment 121521

It's been painfully obvious for quite some time that JimC's problem is not with the LRT. His problem is with his perception of himself as contrasted to his perception of 'Ryan'. I'm sure others have noticed that all of his comments have targeted Ryan directly when it would have been simpler for him to just adhere to the subject matter. I've seen another fellow, since banned, wonder why Ryan 'gets all the attention'. This is the same deal.

Seeing the Editor in Chief of the Hamilton Spectator respond to Ryan's article and indicating his respect for Ryan's work is too much for 'JimC' to bear. Sad.

There is something called the 80-20 rule that essentially means about 20% of people will not follow a rule - be it showering before entering a pool or not stealing groceries. Many businesses use this number to account for expected thefts and the costs of preventing them. I think this same number can be applied to those who argue in good faith and those who don't.

Glad he's gone.

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