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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 16, 2017 at 08:08:58

Jim reminds me of the type of person who voted for Rob Ford, Trump and many other populists. They are scared of the future, they don't see their economic lot in life ever improving and the changes that LRT, increasing density and gentrification will bring to their city will just make it much harder to survive, especially in the long term. They are convinced that there will be less help for the poorer among us, not more. With the current crop of city councilors in most major cities, MPP's and MP's regardless of location, I agree his point and his fears are somewhat accurate, unfortunately! Ryan and his somewhat easy access to the media and other powerful people(at least in Jims eye's anyway) is just symptom of a greater distrust that many feel and are only able to articulate through angry, sometimes nonsensical discourse. Jim doesn't see that Ryan has been doing this for a long time and slowly has been able to cultivate friends in higher places through good writing and a clear point of view.

Jim's view of the changes in Hamilton are not written in stone. It however doesn't have to be that way! Hit the council hard for better and more humane housing policies. Hold our federal and provincial politicians feet to the fire to make sure there is a lot more money for housing and income support programs. Not to mention some real and some actual job training and creation programs based in reality.

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